Here are some frequently asked questions and our answers

Are you a company ?
SwissGayFetish is a non-profit associative club within the meaning of art. 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code, and is politically neutral and religiously independent.

Is it a cruising bar?
Our association|club is not a cruising bar, in the strict sense of the term. The first goal of our association|club is to give, gay and bisexual guys, the opportunity to meet and share their fetish with others, without any embarrassment. Some participants in a fetish event may want to have fun, and that’s okay! Condoms and lub are available for free.

Is it a big place?
Our space covers 60 square meter. Therefore, we cannot accommodate more than 25 people during our events. As we explain on our website, the primary goal is to encourage meetings and talks between participants. But after a few hours, the desire to have fun is quite strong 😉 and it is allowed!

Are there special facilities for having fun?
Currently, a cabin is available in “La Fosse” area, equipped with a door with a glory-hole. We built a St-Andrew cross, allowing Tops and Bottoms to have even more fun! Moreover, a cabin is available with a door in the “Lounge”. Other installations may emerge in the future.

Is there young and cute guys at the parties ?
We never answer to that questions regarding ages and beauty. All we can say is that guys have 18 and more and they are evertime well dressed ! Indeed, it’s too much personnal to declare if someone is cute or not. According ages, we don’t think that you’ll ask to the cruising bar team (before paying your entry) if there is young and cute guys or not inside!

Why your address is not on your website?
Our address is not listed on our website or on social networks, because we want to keep the discreet character of the place on the one hand and, on the other hand, this guarantees participants not to be bothered by people uninitiated. However, you will receive the same day of the party, by SMS or WhatsApp, the address and all the information you need to come to us!

We can just specify that the space our association|club rents is located near Rossens!

Why don’t you host more than 25 people?
The place can only accommodate 25 people; that’s why we restrict access.

How can I pay my drinks and entrance fees or membership ?
We only accept cash Swiss Francs. Please be sure you have enough with you !

Is it possible to leave my personal effects at the bar during the event?
We have planned it and you can leave your wallet, mobile phone, cigarettes or any other object in a plastic bin that we will keep behind the bar.
In all cases, payment is made when you leave the event.

A cloakroom is available close to the entry but this one is not guarded. The associative club decline all responsability in case of theft and loss.

Is it possible to change my clothes at the party ?
You can easily change your clothes at the party, so you can come in discreet gear and then wear your kinky style 😉

I want to come to a party but I don’t want to give my datas.
With COVID-19, we have to trace participants by asking for their contact information. In addition, to guarantee our safety and as well as the participants, we require that this information be transmitted. We understand that you may fear about your privacy; we guarantee that the information transmitted is not resold or transferred to third parties and that it is only used to process your participation in an event. Your anonymity is therefore guaranteed.
If you don’t want to send us this information, then we can’t welcome you at our parties.

I don’t have any fetish clothes to come to an event. Can I still come?
We know that the purchase of fetish equipment can be very expensive. However, to ensure conviviality in our evenings, we cannot welcome guys if they don’t have their own gear. Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can advise you where you can buy what you need!

I come from far away. Is it possible to sleep somewhere?
We can accommodate a maximum of 3 guys to sleep after the event and allow you to leave safely ; breakfast will be served to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require accommodation. We can also recommend hotels in the area.

I do not have a car. How to get to the events?
Public transport does not provide service during the hours of the events. That’s why we advise participants to come by motorbike, scooter, bicycle or car. As a resident in Switzerland, you can also hire a Mobility; pay attention to the cost for this rental.

However, from September 12, 2020, we are offering participants to pick them up by car (maximum 3 people) at Fribourg railstation (departure 6.30 p.m.) and Romont railstation (departure 7.00 p.m.). You will need to apply on the event registration form. To leave the event, either other participants from your canton can bring you back or an alternative solution will be found.

I don’t speak french; may I join your parties?
We speak english or french, but no german or swiss-german.

Who is behind the SwissGayFetish Club?
We are 2 guys from Fribourg who manage this association|club. You can find our kinky profiles on Instagram, under the nicknames club_swiss_gay_fetish (as President of this association) and swssmkr (as Treasurer).

I have more questions to ask
Please do not hesitate to contact us by email by clicking here. We will be happy to answer you.

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